SPEAK MUSIC Be Kind Music Festival (January 17 to 19 2020)

SPEAK MUSIC Be Kind Festival

Please join us and our musical friends at the first annual SPEAK MUSIC Be Kind Festival, happening this weekend, January 17 to 19, at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Avenue, just south of Bloor and west of Spadina).

Darbazi is performing this Saturday, January 18 at 7 PM in the Main Hall of the Tranzac.

Members of Darbazi are also conducting workshops throughout the weekend:

All About the Voice, with:
Maryem Tollar & Laurel MacDonald
Sat Jan 18, 10:00 PM • Tiki Room, Tranzac Club

Not Resting on Their Laurels, with:
Laurel Innes & Laurel MacDonald, Ray Kinoshita and Phil Strong
Sun Jan 19, 6:00 PM • Tiki Room, Tranzac Club

Three-day wristbands – $20 advance | $25 door
Single-day wristbands – $20 door only

Purchase tickets here.

About the festival:
SPEAK Music Be Kind Festival is a non-profit Canadian music festival to be held annually in Toronto, showcasing a diverse blend of Canadian music creators in performances and workshops. All proceeds from this year’s festival will support music-makers in our community through a donation to the Unison Benevolent Fund.

For more information, visit speakmusicbekindfest.com.